Reducing Your Heartburn Symptoms Fast

If you find yourself having the symptoms of heartburn (like I often do), no doubt you want a quick and painless way to quell that burning sensation. There are some great heartburn remedies out there that you can use to stop these symptoms.

However, first you should know what heartburn symptoms really are. The main symptoms is a burning chest pain right behind the sternum, but you can still have heartburn (also known as acid reflux) without actually experiencing “heartburn” (i.e. burning of the heart).

Heartburn Symptoms

One unusual symptoms of heartburn is a chronic cough. Bad heartburn can irritate the throat and even get into the bronchi, leading to coughing. Many people think they have allergies or even “adult onset asthma” when they really just have a bad case of chronic heartburn.

If you have symptoms like this, you may want to know how you can get complete relief from acid reflux. One way is to lose weight. While a lot of people don’t like the thought of losing weight, it can really help reduce your heartburn, especially if your acid reflux is chronic (GERD). Being overweight is one of the number one contributors of GERD.

I know from experience as I lost 20 pounds and ended up getting acid reflux way less often. I wasn’t particularly fat or even overweight in the first place; simply going from being an average joe to being very lean was enough for me to cut down on 90% of my heartburn.

However, sometimes you get heartburn that you just can’t shake. In this case, you might want to visit a doctor or even follow an acid reflux diet plan which can help you stop acid reflux.

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