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Natural Acne Fighting Techniques

clearing up acne with natural methods has long been interesting to acne sufferers. Using nature as a healing guide, the idea of not needing to use man-made products to get rid of a chronic problem like acne is extremely appealing to most of the general population. Do these natural remedies really work?

We turned to the experts at to find out just how effective these remedies are and which if any really work. The things discovered about natural remedies for acne will really surprise you.

The first thing we learned was that while natural acne remedies can work, they are not nearly as effective as over the counter products or prescription medicines. These natural remedies can be used to help clear up mild to moderate acne, but if you have cystic or nodular acne, you will likely want to see a doctor and get a more traditional treatment. The reason it is important to seek medical attention if you have severe acne is because it can cause permanent scarring if left untreated. The faster you get the acne cleared, the less scars you will have to ultimately deal with.

Among the natural acne treatments that work, the most effective ones seem to be related to the miracle cure green tea. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants so you can drink it to reduce inflammation. Make sure you use the fresh brewed stuff rather than drinking the pre-bottled drinks. The bottled drinks often do not contain any tea at all and are just tea flavored and dyed sugar water. Best to go right to the source with a fresh teabag. Additionally, you can use green tea to apply directly to your acne. The catechins in green tea can kill bacteria and clear up acne infections in a direct manner. Not a bad remedy at all?

Improve Your Strength With The Bench Press

One of my favorite exercises to build muscle mass and strength at the same time is the bench press. This compound exercise works the chest, shoulders, and triceps as its primary movers and can even tap into the entire body for stability.

One of the best resources for increasing your bench press is the Boost Your Bench press website found at This site contains training programs and tips for increasing your bench press strength. Below, I will go over some of my favorite tips from this website so you can apply it to your own regimen to increase your bench press.

The first way to improve your bench press is to just make sure you bench press all the time. If you try to supplement your bench press with other chest and shoulder exercises but never get around to frequently bench pressing, do not be surprised when your bench press never increases. You almost always want to bench press first in your chest workouts because your muscles will be fresher that way and you will be able to handle more weight. Stick to other chest exercises later in the workout after you have put in your highest quality work on the bench.

Another important aspect of increasing your bench press strength is building muscle. To build muscle, you need to not only work out regularly, but you also need to eat enough calories and protein. Muscle just does not come out of thin air. It requires a lot of protein and water to build. However, not only that, but if you are not eating enough food, your body will not give you the protein to build muscle but instead will digest it and use it for energy. Make sure you eat a lot and eat a lot of protein while working out and all the time if you want to get stronger on the bench press.

Removing Acne Scars With Surgery

The most effective way for getting rid of acne scars is through surgery. However, it is not appropriate for all types of acne scars. Sometimes surgery can even make things worse so you really have to know what you are getting into before you commit to any procedures for acne scar removal.

For example, if you want to know how to remove pimple marks, the recommended procedure may be different then if you want to remove a raised scar. It may surprise you to know that many of the dark spots that are left behind by acne are just skin that is still undergoing the healing process.

As mentioned earlier, you should know that sometimes acne scar surgery does not work. If you think about it, when you cut into the skin with surgery, you may actually leave a scar. With acne scar surgery this is no different, the surgeon is just hoping (and cannot guarantee) that the new scars will be less obvious and unattractive than the old scars. After all a few tiny scars is much more appealing to most people than a bunch of pock marks from pimples.

For example, one surgery type is called subcision. This is where the skin is separated from the scar tissue with small incisions. This is basically cutting the skin away from the scar. The tiny incisions made to do this process may actually result in small scars. The reason they do this is that the small scars are way less prominent than the old acne scars. The pain of subcision is very real though and the recovery time is quite lengthy. Expect your face to be puffy and painful for a few weeks before the skin can heal over and the full results of the procedure can be seen. Note that such surgeries are expensive too!

Home Acne Remedies That Really Work Overnight

If you have acne, you can try out some acne remedies to help clear it up. Acne remedies are commonly used by those who need to get rid of their acne fast but may not be able to afford more expensive treatments or may not have time to get to the store if they need acne relief fast.

One good acne remedy that you can try that uses a very common household ingredient is baking soda. Just mix a bunch of it up with water until a thick paste forms. This pasty concoction can be applied right to your acne and allowed to dry out until it forms a brittle mask. This acne mask can be left on for awhile. When you are ready, just hop in the shower and wash it off.

Other great acne remedies may require a trip to the grocery store. Lemon juice for example is one of the most effective natural remedies for removing blackheads. The acid in the juice breaks down blackheads and clears out the pores. It works best though if you take an actual lemon and get the juice out of it. The stuff that comes in the little yellow container might not even be real – better get the fresh stuff to be safe.

If you are tired of the hokey remedies and instead want something that is guaranteed to work, consider just going on a diet. If you are overweight, your odds of getting severe acne improve by an order of magnitude. Why not just drop the fat and prevent the acne from happening in the first place? I know this is easier said than done because eating is fun and exercise is hard, but it is definitely worth it if your end game is clear skin. Try it out and you will not be disappointed!

Clear Your Skin With The Best Acne Treatment Products

Without question, the quickest, simplest, and most affordable method for clearing up acne problems is by using acne treatment products. These are products available over the counter and can be applied directly to acne.

The best acne treatment products typically contain benzoyl peroxide. Gels of benzoyl peroxide were first developed in the 1970s and have been used to battle acne ever since. No over the counter discovery has been as effective as this so when the first researcher started using this compound it was a big deal in the acne treatment world.

However since then, benzoyl peroxide has fallen out of favor for salicylic acid. This is not to the consumer’s advantage. Benzoyl peroxide is more effective than salicylic acid by a long shot, but companies can make trendier products with the acid, so it is sometimes used instead.

What I mean by this is that salicylic acid more readily dissolves so it can be used clear products and in face washes. Products stored in clear bottles tend to sell a lot better when put on the shelves as this subconsciously inspires a clean feeling when people see clear liquids.

Benzoyl peroxide on the other hand has been relegated to use in creams because it does not mix well with chemicals. Do not let the clear bottles of other products fool you and instead stick to the trusty cream that is solid in color but is more effective at fighting acne. Try to think of the consistency as part of its acne-fighting power.

An Honest Lose The Back Pain Review

When I first heard about the Lose the Back Pain system, needless to say I was a little bit skeptical. After all, this back pain system was supposed to cure back pain which has been around for years in as little as just a few days of following the exercises. With promises like these, one can’t help but feel skeptical.

Lose the Back Pain Review

This all changed when I read this Lose the Back Pain review. It pretty much confirmed everything the product creators were saying about their product. It shows you the best exercises you need in order to fix yourself based on your specific problem, and can really be anything depending on how specific you want to be in analyzing your condition.

They even provide resources on taking your back pain care beyond just simple exercise. You can attack your back pain on all angles by using things like traction tables in order to reduce the load carried by the spine and to create a vacuum in order to suck disc material back up into the disc.

Additionally, there are a variety of supplements you can use which are all natural which the Healthy Back Institute provides. They have products which use a variety of enzymes and other things in order to reduce inflammation and help calm down pain.

Having a magic bullet system like the heal-n-soothe cream also really helps take this product to the next level. There is so much to back pain that it is impossible to tackle it solely on the level of exercise and physical dysfunction.

Back pain is also caused by inflammation, and inflammation can be reduced by using the natural enzymes. It also helps improve digestion, which can reduce inflammation in the gut which can actually contribute to back pain as well.

For this reason, Bromelain, which is both a protein digesting enzyme and an anti-inflammatory, is a very powerful enzyme used by the Healthy Back Institute to combat back pain under the Lose the Back Pain system.

Reducing Your Heartburn Symptoms Fast

If you find yourself having the symptoms of heartburn (like I often do), no doubt you want a quick and painless way to quell that burning sensation. There are some great heartburn remedies out there that you can use to stop these symptoms.

However, first you should know what heartburn symptoms really are. The main symptoms is a burning chest pain right behind the sternum, but you can still have heartburn (also known as acid reflux) without actually experiencing “heartburn” (i.e. burning of the heart).

Heartburn Symptoms

One unusual symptoms of heartburn is a chronic cough. Bad heartburn can irritate the throat and even get into the bronchi, leading to coughing. Many people think they have allergies or even “adult onset asthma” when they really just have a bad case of chronic heartburn.

If you have symptoms like this, you may want to know how you can get complete relief from acid reflux. One way is to lose weight. While a lot of people don’t like the thought of losing weight, it can really help reduce your heartburn, especially if your acid reflux is chronic (GERD). Being overweight is one of the number one contributors of GERD.

I know from experience as I lost 20 pounds and ended up getting acid reflux way less often. I wasn’t particularly fat or even overweight in the first place; simply going from being an average joe to being very lean was enough for me to cut down on 90% of my heartburn.

However, sometimes you get heartburn that you just can’t shake. In this case, you might want to visit a doctor or even follow an acid reflux diet plan which can help you stop acid reflux.

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms – The Most Common Signs

No one wants to have an ulcer, but the truth is about 10% of adults in the USA will end up with an ulcer at some point in their lives. I know about this all too well myself as ulcers have always run in my family.

They say that the primary cause of stomach ulcer symptoms is getting infected with H pylori. Unfortunately, H pylori itself has very little symptoms and not much is known about the way it is transferred from person to person.

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

One thing that I have found out is that H pylori tends to run in the family, so it must be considered contagious to a degree. H pylori being spread from family member to family member is perhaps the reason why stomach ulcers are so prevalent in my family (as opposed to congenital weakness).

The most common sign of a stomach ulcer is a gnawing, burning stomach pain. Think of it as a very amplified feeling of gnawing hunger. The sensation of hunger often occurs when you are thinking about food which stimulates the stomach; when the stomach is empty this leads to hunger.

In the case of an ulcer, that same feeling is amplified to the point of pain and sometimes significant discomfort because the stomach acid is splashing against a weakened stomach lining. This is what causes the additional burning sensation.

However, some people have very little symptoms at all. One thing to know is that this burning, gnawing pain seems to peak in the middle of the night or early in the morning, when the stomach is completely empty. It’s not common to get peptic ulcer symptoms when you are on a full stomach; in fact eating usually helps relieve this type of pain.

Some signs and symptoms of more serious ulcers include blood in the stool or vomit of the patient. A lot of people are slow to recognize blood in the stool from an ulcer as it is actually black and sticky. This is the result of blood from the stomach or early portion of the small intestine being digested and then excreted. Blood is never red in stool unless it is the colon or rectum that is bleeding; any blood that runs through the small intestine turns black.