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Home Acne Remedies That Really Work Overnight

If you have acne, you can try out some acne remedies to help clear it up. Acne remedies are commonly used by those who need to get rid of their acne fast but may not be able to afford more expensive treatments or may not have time to get to the store if they need acne relief fast.

One good acne remedy that you can try that uses a very common household ingredient is baking soda. Just mix a bunch of it up with water until a thick paste forms. This pasty concoction can be applied right to your acne and allowed to dry out until it forms a brittle mask. This acne mask can be left on for awhile. When you are ready, just hop in the shower and wash it off.

Other great acne remedies may require a trip to the grocery store. Lemon juice for example is one of the most effective natural remedies for removing blackheads. The acid in the juice breaks down blackheads and clears out the pores. It works best though if you take an actual lemon and get the juice out of it. The stuff that comes in the little yellow container might not even be real – better get the fresh stuff to be safe.

If you are tired of the hokey remedies and instead want something that is guaranteed to work, consider just going on a diet. If you are overweight, your odds of getting severe acne improve by an order of magnitude. Why not just drop the fat and prevent the acne from happening in the first place? I know this is easier said than done because eating is fun and exercise is hard, but it is definitely worth it if your end game is clear skin. Try it out and you will not be disappointed!

Clear Your Skin With The Best Acne Treatment Products

Without question, the quickest, simplest, and most affordable method for clearing up acne problems is by using acne treatment products. These are products available over the counter and can be applied directly to acne.

The best acne treatment products typically contain benzoyl peroxide. Gels of benzoyl peroxide were first developed in the 1970s and have been used to battle acne ever since. No over the counter discovery has been as effective as this so when the first researcher started using this compound it was a big deal in the acne treatment world.

However since then, benzoyl peroxide has fallen out of favor for salicylic acid. This is not to the consumer’s advantage. Benzoyl peroxide is more effective than salicylic acid by a long shot, but companies can make trendier products with the acid, so it is sometimes used instead.

What I mean by this is that salicylic acid more readily dissolves so it can be used clear products and in face washes. Products stored in clear bottles tend to sell a lot better when put on the shelves as this subconsciously inspires a clean feeling when people see clear liquids.

Benzoyl peroxide on the other hand has been relegated to use in creams because it does not mix well with chemicals. Do not let the clear bottles of other products fool you and instead stick to the trusty cream that is solid in color but is more effective at fighting acne. Try to think of the consistency as part of its acne-fighting power.